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The final round for the UCR Hall Of Fame induction is T.Rex vs. Jethro Tull.You can vote once per day til the end of the month. Get on it. Get it on!
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Ultimate Classic Rock is having us choose between T.Rex and Alice Cooper. T.Rex just beat out Creedence Clearwater Revival in the first round.Can we get a little help from Marc Bolan's tumblr people?Vote for T.Rex here: Alice is voting for T.Rex!)

Pure Magic is a must-have Bolan bootleg.

Now available to stream online.

Marc Bolan

Just a friendly reminder:

You can listen to a ton of Marc’s home demos (for most of the T.Rex albums) on this website.

Marc Bolan’s Demos From The Underworld available now to stream and download for free. (Limited to 200 downloads per month, so you might want to hurry.)

Marc Bolan kept a lot of his soul recordings under wraps - never to be released in his lifetime. This is one of those recordings, which first surfaced on the bootleg ‘Pure Magic’.
No Bolan, No T.Rex
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My new facebook timeline cover! Feel free to use it yourself if you’d appreciate Marc’s lovely face on your page. Credit would be appreciated though!